new life, new website


Hey guys! I decided to create a new website to replace my old one. What should be a project to learn CakePHP finally became my all new website. That iss the reason why I am proud to announce v1.0!

What’s new

  1. CakePHP : this website was originally built to learn CakePHP with the excellent series of tutorials from Grafikart. I now love it and used it in one of my main project for ISEA Ingénierie.
  2. Back-end administration : A good website needs a good back end administration! I can add works, pages, posts… directly from my handcrafted admin panel.
  3. Blog : I always wanted to help people by creating tutoriels on how I code. Now I can!!!
  4. Adapted to all devices : I love reading articles from my smartphone, don’t you?

How I built the website

As I said twice, I used CakePHP for the heart of the application. A MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework allows to rapidly build modules. I love Twitter Bootstrap and I used it in a custom way for the front-end website. the CSS is coded using Sass, a CSS preprocessor and allows me to code CSS faster and easier than never.

A very special thanks to Antoine Courtin my webdesigner for its fast but awesome design of my website. Thank you!

Hope you like the new design!